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The Champions


April Fall – Red Flame. April was raised by an Immortal guardian and trained to harness the red Flame, which gives her control over fire and light. April also developed telepathy during childhood, which was willed into existence by her desperation to survive. Although April’s abilities are formidable and destructive, they are strongly linked to her emotions, and a single moment of flared anger can send April’s fire out of control. April begins the story after being dragged from a house fire that took her loved ones with it, and that she started. April is focused on finishing the war and purging the Immortals from her life, and will do anything it takes to win.


Kyle Haze – Blue Flame. Like April, Kyle was also raised by an Immortal guardian. He trained to control water and ice. His need to escape also enabled his Flame to develop the ability of teleportation. Kyle hates the war because it left him an orphan, and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Kyle’s a charismatic leader. His abilities are extremely powerful, but they also take a toll that threatens to crush their owner before he has a chance to claim victory.


Kim – Yellow Flame. Unlike Kyle and April, Kim was raised by her own family, completely unaware about anything Immortal. Kim already has a vague grasp of her abilities to control air, but doesn’t know why she can move objects through the air until Kyle and April bring her in and tell her their story in an attempt to train her in the use of her powers so that the final battle will be a fair fight. Kim also shows signs that her Flame may enable her to fly.


Noah Alexander – Green Flame. Noah was raised without any knowledge of the Immortals, and his powers haven’t manifested when we meet him at the beginning of Champions: at fire’s end. April and Kyle discover that Noah is the fourth Flame bearer and take steps to make his abilities reveal themselves. Noah trains with April and Kyle to focus his control over lightning, but his control over earth continues to elude him. Noah’s parents disappeared a few years earlier, and he is still searching for them while living with another relative. Kim and Noah begin as best friends, but grow to detest each other after Noah panics when Kim shows him that she can move objects through the air, before Noah realises that he also has similar abilities.

The Immortals


The guardians:

Themis. April’s Immortal guardian. A keen architect.

Hermes. Kyle’s Immortal guardian. A loose cannon. Hermes carries a wand that allows him to cast magic, and has wings on his ankles that allow him to fly.

The War gods:

Ares. Also Kyle’s second guardian.  

Athena, Apollo, Artemis.

The High Council:

Cronus and Rhea. Leaders of the Titans.

Zeus and Hera. Leaders of the Olympians.

As a condition of their truce, Cronus, Rhea, Zeus and Hera make decisions together in their role as the Immortals’ High Council.

The Fates:

Isla, Sia, and Leah. Immortal beings who spin, measure, and cut the threads of life.


The Others:

Hades. Ruler of the Underworld, and April’s second guardian.  


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